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Red and White wine.jpg
A glass of both red and white wine.
Food Group: Drinks
Origin of Country: Caucasus Mountains
Color: Red or White
N/UN/COOF: Cheese, Meats, Italian Food.

Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermenting pressed grape juice. Wine is one of the most popular drinks in existence today. It is one of the oldest drinks in existence, which may have been first made as early as 8000 B.C., in the Caucasus Mountains [1] It is believed that when wine was first created. it was an alternative to water when people could not obtain clean and purified water. Today, wine is commonly enjoyed with formal dinners, and it is considered a luxury. There are many pairings with wine, the most popular being cheese and meats.

Why it's tasty

Wine has many flavours on the palate. There are dry and sweet wines. Sweet wines are most commonly used with deserts. Dry wines are most commonly paired with meats. Red wines have a dark flavour, with grape, cherry, and plum, sometimes with a tart finish. White wines are softer in flavor, with a grape flavor. White wines are usually sweet, and red wines are usually dry in flavor. Sometimes, wines come in sparkling variants. The most common type is brut, which is not too sweet, not to dry. Champaign is the most expensive, and luxurious type of sparkling wine. It is only made with the champaign grape in the champagne region of France. It has a fruity flavour with bubbles. Sparkling wines usually come in the white variant, however, there are rarely red sparkling wines, which have a darker flavor. Another less common type of wine is rose, which is a pink wine, which is made from the skin contact method. It has a combination of white and red flavors, and it is usually in between sweet and dry.

Bad qualities

There are very few bad qualities of wine. The worst of these is aged wine can sometimes develop sediments at the bottom, requiring it to be filtered. The other bad quality of wine is that very few wines are bitter, and do not pair well with other things. These are the cheaply made wines, priced under $12.00 (2020 USD). These are not good in general. The best price for wine is wines priced about $20-35 (2020 USD).



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