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McDonald's but it's healthy
Headquarters: Milford, CT
Food Type: Fast-food
Origin of Country: USA
Amount of Locations: 41,512 (Oct 2019)
Date Founded: 1965

Subway is a private-held American restaurant in Connecticut. It sells subs and salads and sometimes pizza.

Why It's First Class

  1. The ability to choose either 6-inch or 1 ft is nice.
  2. Unlike most other non-pizza centered restaurants, they sell pizza, but only in certain locations.
  3. Their bread is oven-baked, and not bought.
  4. Their onions have taste, and aren't oily.
  5. It is a healthy and tasty alternative to other fast-food restaurants.
  6. The soda and chips combo is a good side too..
  7. The seating is comfortable, and feels homey.
  8. Even the logo seems nice to look at.
  9. They care about your health, such as their COVID-19 rule about masks.
  10. The oil use isn't excessive.

Bad Qualities

  1. Jared from Subway.
  2. Their cucumbers aren't fresh.
  3. They underpay their workers.
  4. There was a franchise in Seattle where the food gave 32 people Hepatitis A. [1]



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