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I'm lovin' it!
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Food Type: Fast Food
Origin of Country: USA
Amount of Locations: 37,855#
Date Founded: April 15, 1955

McDonald's Corporation is an American fast food company, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States.

Why It's First Class

  1. The McDonald's happy meal is very interesting as it comes with a toy of your favorite toy as well as getting a go-gurt.
  2. Even cartoons like Family Guy or Rick and Morty did a few decent references of the McDonald's restaurant in their shows.
  3. Lots of great fictional characters as their mascots like Ronald McDonald for an example.
  4. To keep kids healthy, they added apple slices on the menu if you wanna be healthy.
  5. The toys in the restaurant are also decent like the SpongeBob toys from 2014.
  6. They even give out a few decent desserts like the McFlurry's and the McDonald's ice cream.
  7. The restaurant was also responsible for starting a few decent memes.

Bad Qualities

  1. Most of the foods in the restaurant are bad for your health.
  2. The McDonald's Pakistan Commercials aren't great.




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