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About This Wiki

Welcome to the First Class Restaurants and Foods Wiki! We cover some good food, and mouth-watering restaurants! Feel free to make an account and edit with us today!

The banner of fame is coming soon

Rules, and Guidelines

  1. Only add good restaurants and food and not bad ones.
  2. No NSFW, no exceptions. This includes any porn/r34/hentai/fetish or excessive gore.
  3. Absolutely no vandalizing.
  4. You need at least 6 reasons to explain why the food or restaurant is first class.
  5. You can make custom headings but no extremely ridiculous ones.
  6. No uncensored or censored slurs. Swearing itself is fine, but don't try to offend other users by constantly swearing repetitively.
  7. No undoing an admin's edit.
  9. Make sure your reasons aren't weak.
  10. No sockpuppets.
  11. No unfair bans.
  12. Use your finest grammar when editing, and use your own words.
  13. Always use an infobox.
  14. No pollbots.
  15. Never engage in slinging insults, fighting, spreading lies, or anything akin to that.
  16. Offensive or otherwise inappropriate usernames are not accepted here.
  17. No matter what, you should strive to have fun!
  18. If you are going to be an admin, be active

If you break these rules,

  • 1st time: Warning
  • 2nd time: 3 days
  • 3rd time: 2 weeks
  • 4th time: 3 months
  • 5th time: 1 year
  • 6th time: Forever

Page Criteria

  • Since restaurants and foods don't have a lot of reasons why they're good, it's ok to put only 3
  • Good qualities and bad qualities cannot be sub-par
  • There are 3 major headings: Why It's First Class is for restaurants and Why It's Tasty for foods and Bad Qualities for bad qualities.
    • Comments for the comments section and Gallery for the slider galleries too.
    • No custom headings
  • All pages need an infobox and an image
  • Always put a description of a restaurant or food at the beginning
  • Please give your pages categories
  • Always put the comments section

Category Criteria

  • The category has to necessary
  • The category also has to be general and not specific (By specific, we mean don't make categories like "Restaurants that have green in their logos" or "Foods that have a stem")
  • The category must have every word capitalized at the first letter (By that, we mean something like "Fast Food Restaurants" and not "fast food restaurants")(The only exception is maintenance templates)
  • Always put wiki management categories under this category
  • Always put restaurant categories under this category and food categories under this category

Template Criteria

  • Templates should always be a box
  • Templates cannot be for fun and should be used for maintenance
  • Please give templates categories that do not affect other pages with that template

For Foods


  • Name
  • Picture of food
  • Quote
  • Food Group (meat, dairy, junk food, etc)
  • Origin of country
  • Color
  • Natural/Unnatural/Combination of other foods

For Restaurants


  • Name
  • Logo
  • Quote
  • Headquarters
  • Food Type
  • Origin of Country
  • Amount of Locations
  • Date Founded

Main Admins

  1. DiamondDigger197 (Deputy)
  2. CircleyDoesExtracter (Deputy)
  3. The real kbos Cuddly Rainbow Guardian (Deputy)
  4. AppleCrunchy (Deputy) (Globalled)
  5. Hookuai (Admin)
  6. Sega cat (Admin)
  7. Furricane (Admin)
  8. DarkMatterMan4500 (Admin)
  9. DuchessTheSponge (Admin)

Other Admins

  1. General I80 (Comment, Forum, and Interface Admin)
  2. Universal Omega (Interface Admin)


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Subway is a private-held American restaurant in Connecticut. It sells subs and salads and sometimes pizza



  1. Taco Bell - Same as the above.
  2. Long John Silver's - On decline, and their food has a TON of trans fat, calories and sodium.


  1. Any delicacies (such as escargot) - Self-explanatory

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